ClipShare 4.1 Documentation

I. Server Requirements

Please make sure that your server meets the following configuration.
If you are unsure, contact your hosting company / server administrator for

II. Installation and Configuration Instructions

  1. Extract the distribution zip file containing the script.

  2. Create a new MySQL database for ClipShare and import the dump file /sql/clipshare.sql using PHPMyAdmin. This will create and populate all DB tables.

  3. Open /upload/cgi-bin/ using any text editor and edit the following variable:

    my $TEMP_DIR = '/home/user/public_html/tmp/uploader/';
    This is the full path to where the /tmp/uploader/ folder will be located on the server. Keep ending slash.

  4. Open /upload/include/config.local.php using any text editor and edit the following variables:

    $config['site_name'] = 'My Site';
    Your web site name.

    $config['BASE_URL'] = '';
    This is the URL where the script is installed. No ending slash.

    $DBTYPE = 'mysql';
    Database type, no need to change.

    $DBHOST = 'localhost';
    Database host or IP, in most cases "localhost"

    $DBUSER = 'database_user';

    Database user. Please make sure that this database user has FULL permissions over the ClipShare database.

    $DBPASSWORD = 'password';
    The password of the above database user.

    $DBNAME = 'database_name';
    Database name used for ClipShare.

  5. Optional: Edit /upload/include/language.php to remove / add language files.

  6. Upload all files and folders inside the /upload folder in the root directory or a subdirectory on your server, by FTP, in BINARY mode.

  7. Set write permissions (chmod 777) to the following folders:


  8. Set execute permissions (chmod 755) to /cgi-bin and /cgi-bin/

  9. Access your ClipShare Administration Panel at: (Default admin user: admin and password: admin)

    - Change the admin user / password !!
    - Change the site name, email, meta keywords, description, etc
    - Optional: change different settings
    - Create channels
    - Add your advertising
    - You can check if all requirements and configurations are met on the "System Check" page

III. Customer Support

If you need help installing or configuring your script, we offer professional installation service for a flat-fee of $25. We can also install the required modules and configure your server for a flat-fee of $50. Please contact us at [email protected] or using the online form.

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