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Lighttpd Setup Service

For only $79, we will install and configure Lighttpd on your server, which enables the Lighttpd Streaming functionality in our script.

Seek anywhere in the video

Seek anywhere in the video, even if it has not been downloaded up to that position. Saves bandwidth and time, since you don't have to wait until the video has been loaded in order to skip to a certain position.

Prevent video leeching / Hotlinking

Prevent bandwidth theft. The URL to the flv file is dynamically encrypted based on a password and a time stamp, and changed every few minutes.

Limit bandwidth usage (per visitor)

Save bandwidth. Limit download speed per connection (visitor). You can set a maximum download speed (bandwidth allowance) for each visitor, this way you will prevent high-speed connections to eat alot of bandwidth. All visitors will have an equal share of your bandwidth.

Please carefully read the following before purchasing this service
  • Lighttpd can be installed and configured ONLY on Dedicated or VPS servers.
  • Full SSH "root" access to your server is REQUIRED, as well as FTP / Cpanel access. Please make sure that you have and can provide SSH "root" access before ordering this service!

    In Linux and UNIX, the root account is the name for the system administrative account, which has full permissions to perform any task available on the server . The administrative account name is always "root" and has a user ID of 0. SSH root access is NOT same thing with Cpanel / WHM / Plesk / Virtuozzo / DirectAdmin / etc administrative Access. SSH root access is NOT the same thing with normal user SSH access. In 99% of the cases, you only have "root" access if you have a Dedicated Server or VPS (Virtual Private Server).

    Refunds will not be given for reasons surrounding the client's lack of knowledge of the service's terms & requirements. In other words, if you purchase this service and realize that you can't provide SSH ROOT ACCESS, we won't be able to refund you!

  • After performing the Lighttpd Setup Service, we always test its functionality. You will be asked to test and confirm, and only then we can declare the Lighttpd Setup Service completed. We will NOT be responsible and will NOT provide FREE support if the script stops working due to your later modifications or server configuration changes.
  • Due to a high demand, the Lighttpd Setup Service may take upto 2 working days to be completed. Statistically, most Lighttpd Setups are performed in less than 12 hours.
  • Lighttpd Setup service does not include Script Installation Service or Server Setup Service. We recommend that you have those installed before we install Lighttpd, in order for us to test when ready.

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